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3 Tips for success on

interesting profileMeet Women Online

As with most dating websites, dating online can be a little tough. There is a lot of competition from other guys and there are a lot of bogus sites that can be a total waste of time. Although a lot of the dating tactics remain the same, finding the right dating website really depends on what you are searching for. Personally, I am a fan of MeOnYou because I have had some relative success on that site and I have learned a few tricks that seem to help me meet women there on a pretty consistent level. If you want to find out if it is a legitimate or terrible site, you can check out this fling site review as another source to help inform your own opinion. Instead of my own opinion on MeOnYou, I would like to share some the dating tactics that have helped me have some success with the site. Most of these tips could really be applied to any dating website, so feel free to use them as you please. That being said, I can only speak from my personal experience and success on the MeOnYou site, but I am sure if you consider what you are doing, you could find success dating online elsewhere as well.

Interesting Profiles Can Make a Big Difference

When I first started dating online, I never really put much effort into my profile. I skipped a lot of the sections and did the bare minimum so that I could start messaging girls. Despite my eagerness to contact people, I barely received any response, probably because my profile looked like it belonged to a ghost. I started to spend more time and put more effort into making an interesting profile. It didn’t take long before I started to get more responses, and I realized that the correlation between the two was obvious. Once I hit this point is when things really started to take off on MeOnYou. I spent a few good hours making my profile really good, and I started to get a really good response rate. I even started to receive messages from girls who were already interested in me because of my interesting profile.

Have Some Sexy Conversation Topics In Your Pocket

Once I started to have some success on MeOnYou with making first contact with girls, I realized that the next step was having a good conversation to entice them into a date. Chatting is a big part of online dating, and it took me a little while to get a grip on it. So often, my conversations consisted of regular questions like “where are you from?” and “how are you?”, which is boring almost 99% of the time. I realized that I needed to have some sexy conversation topics that could demonstrate that I was an interesting guy with a sense of humor. I found that by being prepared with some conversational topics in hand, I had a much easier time of segwaying into a engaging conversation. First conversations can be awkward, so it’s nice to know that you have something that you can fall back onto if things start to go stale. It’s not necessary to jump to it right away, but if you run out of things to talk about based on her profile, having something interesting to chat about can help get you that date.

Paid Memberships Pay Off

Although I hate to recommend sinking money into a dating website, I did find that it made a big difference for my experience on MeOnYou. I was talking with a lot of girls and making some contact with my free membership, but the game really opened up for me once I upgraded to the paid membership. It gave me much more versatility on the website, and I was able to get in contact with way more girls. During my online dating, I realized that there was a lot of competition. No matter how good my profile was, or how witty my conversation could be, I was still up against a ton of other dudes looking for the same thing. There was many times when I thought things were going well with a girl, only to find out that she had gone another direction with another guy. I found this to be pretty frustrating, so I turned to the paid membership to give me the advantage over a lot of the other free accounts. This ended up helping tremendously, I started to find that women liked that I was willing to spend money to date, which seemed to make them more likely to agree to a date with me.

A Dating Message To Women – How to Deal With Possessive Guys

dating messageThe Headache of Possessive Guys

We All know that it can be tough to date, and we all know that it can be even tougher for women to date. Guys aren’t always the best people on this planet, and even with dating online, it can still be easy for a girl to get caught up in a relationship with a possessive guy. There are no certain tricks to dating that will show you how to avoid possessive guys as it is not always obvious that they are possessive until a relationship has started to develop. At this point, it is probably too late. A possessive guy can be scary and intimidating, especially if they are unreasonable and demanding. Women are often at the centre of their negative attention and this can put a huge load of stress on them, particularly if they are searching for a way out of the relationship. A possessive guy can resort to extreme tactics in an attempt to control a girl, and this can be truly difficult to handle. This guide was written as a dating message to women to let them know that not all men are possessive guys, and that there are ways that you can help yourself and find help from others.

How to Date Possessive Guys

If you are in a relationship with a guy, and the only problem is that he is a little possessive, then it might just be a matter of insecurity about your relationship with him. As long as he doesn’t cross any lines, you could just take it as a sign that he cares about you, despite the fact that he is expressing it in a frustrating manner. If this is the case, then there are a couple of ways that it could be addressed. If you have strong emotions for him as well, then you could attempt addressing his doubts and reaffirming your emotions for him. This may work if he is insecure and only needs to know how you feel. However, if his possessiveness is coming from his desire to control you, then a more forceful tactic may be required. A possessive guy that is trying to control you needs to be met with confrontation. It is probably one of the only ways that you will actually be able to get the message through to him. You need to let him know that you are your own person and that you are free to make your own choices. It can be difficult to deal with a confrontation like that, but it is necessary if you want to stop his possessiveness before it becomes a bigger problem. If he is a decent guy then he will listen to what you have to say, and take your advice with a grain of salt. Hopefully it is enough to get him to calm down, and that it doesn’t turn into a bigger issue.

What If He Persists at Being Possessive?

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to explain to someone, they just won’t understand. For a girl trapped in a relationship with a possessive guy, this can become a scary situation quickly. Often it seems like there is no way out of a bad situation like that, and it can seem like no matter what you try, he is still there trying to control you. Especially if a relationship has developed for some time before the possessiveness has reared its ugly head, your life and his could have become very interconnected, which makes it seem even harder to get away from him. When you feel like you have tried everything, and that no matter where you go, you find him waiting for you, it may be time to turn to others for help. It can be embarrassing and difficult to do this, but sometimes an outside influence is exactly what you need. There can be many people to turn to, and you would be surprised at how willing many people will be to help you. Look to someone that you trust, whether it is a family member or a close friend. They can help give you a fresh perspective and advice on how to deal with the situation. Matters like this can be very complicated and trying to deal with it on your own can make it even more tough. Even just talking with someone else about what is happening can provide some comfort. They may even know exactly what to do in order to fix everything. No matter how difficult it can get, finding someone to help you can set you free.

4 great dating tips for men from women

women dating adviceWomen Dating Advice

Best dating advice from women

When women give dating advice to men in Auckland, NZ, it’s time for men to shut their traps and listen. Since the minds of women are so inherently complicated, sometimes, it takes the words of a contributing woman to really illuminate the attributes of the fairer sex’s mind. Fundamental women dating advice usually consists of appealing to the parts of a woman that are different than the parts of men. Typically, the best dating advice from women that I’ve run into has centered around appealing to the woman’s unique personality, and to her intellect. Of course, it’s important to maintain and put out a sense of respect throughout the entire exchange. Once you have that covered, you’re ready to court your woman properly.

Ask her questions

Everyone surely knows this by now, but it bears repeating. If you’re looking to meet up with a person you met through an online dating website, you need to ask her plenty of questions before you’re ready to ask her out. Women love relaying information about themselves to men they’re interested in, and you need to use this information to your advantage.

Listen to her answers

Of course, as important as it is to ask women the right questions, it’s even more important to listen to her answers, and respond accordingly. Anyone can simply use a Google search bar and find a few good questions that men can ask women, but it takes sharpness and intellect to take in the answers to those questions and use those answers to further the conversation. While women certainly enjoy relaying some personal information about themselves, they also want to learn more about you, so you essentially have a red carpet to offer some of your own unique stories and experiences when chatting with her online.

Be yourself

Women are incredibly intuitive, and they know when you’re acting like someone other than yourself. Some people think that, because offline or online dating is such a distant form of communication, they can safely pretend to be someone else when they’re shielded by their computer screens. However, in my experience, the intuitiveness of women is so powerful that they can even sniff out a poser through their text messages. Of course, not all women are so attentive, but you want to play things safe here by simply being yourself through all exchanges, as this will maximize your chance of eventually sealing the deal with her.

… but don’t be a pig

The common trend with women using online hookup platforms is that they tend to be confronted with droves and droves of male users who simply send them naked pictures of themselves, or instantly resort to sexting as a way of making a first impression. These are pigs, make no mistake about it. The sad thing is that their techniques sometimes work when they actually run into a woman who’s looking for the same thing they are. However, the vast majority of women need more than a picture of a man’s junk in order to give them a chance at a date. It’s easy for you not to be a pig when chatting with women online; just be a mature adult, use your language rather than your private part pictures, and be curious about who she is as a human being. If she feels respected and engage, she’s likely to give you a shot at a first date at some point.

How To Psych Yourself Up For A Live Video Cam Date

live cam datePrime yourself for a hot live cam date

Your first online cam date can be a little intimidating. You don’t know what to expect and you might be feeling uncertain about how you’ll measure up against guys who have more experience on video sites. Every guy wants to come across as being his most confident and cool self when chatting on a webcam site and here are some simple mental exercises you can do to prep for a live cam date with a local hottie.

Have a mantra.

As cheesy as it sounds, having a mantra can be a great way to pump yourself up in any situation. It can be whatever phrase makes you feel confident, manly, and ready to take on the world. Try repeating something like “You’ve got this” or “I’m all the man I want to be” in your head when you need an extra ego boost or want to get psyched up for something like a hot date. Your mantra will calm your nerves and bring your focus back to what you need to do.

List your strengths.

If your nerves are getting the best of you and you’re feeling less than stellar about yourself before going on a live video cam date then take a minute for a little self love. Think of 5 things you like about yourself and write them down. Look at your list for a couple minutes, re-reading each item until you start to feel more calm and collected, and ready to show off your killer game to any sexy local women who are ready to chat.

Breathe and relax.

You don’t have to go into full yogi mode to get into meditation. All a guy needs to mentally prep for a hot date is a minute or two of deep breathing. Clear your mind of distractions, worries, forecasting the future, or rehashing the past and just sit in silence. A few deep breaths can do wonders to relax you and clear out the mental clutter that’s running through your brain. All the chatter inside your head can seriously stress you out and mess with your game, so a couple minutes of calm can be all you need to quiet the haters in your head.

Get groomed.

Of course you’ll want to look your best for a live video date, but you might be wondering how getting ready to look good counts as a mental exercise. If you slow down and take your time getting ready, it can have a calming, meditative quality to it. A long hot shower, shaving slowly, and putting on aftershave can be a relaxing ritual if you let it be. Sip a beer while you do it, put on your favorite pump-up music, and by the time you’re physically ready you’ll also be mentally ready to impress the lovely local ladies on your favorite cam site.


Sneaking in a workout before a date is a great way to get your head in the game and clear out negativity. Working up a sweat lets you blow off steam and stress from your day. Leave your work, financial, or other personal worries in the dust as you get a dose of positive endorphins that come from a great workout. By the time you’re finished you’ll be psyched for for your live video cam date and will be in the perfect headspace to flirt like a boss.

Get positive.

Thinking about your worst qualities, past times where you’ve been rejected, or beating yourself up is not the way to get mentally prepped for a hot date. Kick negative thoughts to the curb and replace them with positive alternatives. Instead of thinking “I really blew it on my last date” try “Now I have the opportunity to meet someone else”. Think of ways you can turn the minuses in your life into pluses and watch your whole attitude transform. Your date will love the fun and upbeat personality you’ll have when you bring positivity to your date instead of a downer attitude.

Be in the moment.

Resist the urge to replay the details of your day, or dwell on your last relationship. At the same time, try not to get your mind spinning into the future, thinking about how your night will go or what you have to do later. You’re about to chat to sexy, beautiful women on a live video site, so forget about everything else and enjoy the moment. This is probably the highlight of your whole day, so don’t ruin it by ruminating and spending the whole time in your head. Focus on what you’re doing in the present moment to get full pleasure out of your hot live cam date.

Be yourself.

Forget about imitating someone else or pretending to be someone that you’re not. You’ll have way more fun if you just relax and act like yourself instead. Your live cam date will be way more into you if you’re genuine and not trying to fake it. You don’t need to act like someone else to have an awesome time with women online, just be yourself. You’ve got this.

Why Evelive Is Still Better Than Tinder

live cam girlWhy live cam sites are better

Dating sites are supposed to be an easier way to meet people, yet sometimes it feels like navigating them is even harder than simply meeting local women in real life. Between managing your profile and trying to find matches, some dating sites can seem like more effort than they’re worth. Live webcam sites have always been popular and are blowing up even more lately as people are giving up on dating sites and heading straight for the live video action. Here’s the top reasons why cam sites like are working better than dating sites or meeting women in real life.

You’re in control.

Dating sites can be loaded with stress and pressure, from your profile page to how many matches you get or how many people like your posts. The whole thing can leave you feeling kind of bad about yourself, especially if you’re not getting the response from the women you want. That’s what’s great about live cam sites – there are loads of gorgeous women who are ready and willing to come out to play with you without having to wait around for responses or reactions to your profile. When you get to choose from lists of women from all ages, races, and body types you can find exactly the kind of girl you want to chat with instead of sitting around hoping someone will be interested in your profile. Take charge of your own sex life with a live cam site that puts you in control and gives you exactly what you want.

No relationship drama.

With all of the expectations, drama, and demands that come from being in a relationship it’s no wonder that so many men are just interested in getting physical and skipping the rest of the complications that come with being part of a couple. If you’re not looking for a committed relationship and don’t want to put in the effort to find a constant stream of one-night-stands then live cam sites are the perfect happy medium. You get all of the access to beautiful, sexy women you crave without the drama and baggage that comes with being in a relationship.

Instant contact.

When a man wants to get some action he wants it now. Most guys just don’t have the patience to sit down and create a dating site profile only to wait around for matches to get in touch. By the time you get a response from a dating site you could have already been having a great night on your favorite live cam websites. Webcam sites are so popular because they give men the instant access they want, letting guys chat with sexy ladies from all over the world with just a few clicks instead of endlessly waiting around for replies or working on getting to know women in real life. Forget paying for dinner and a movie or putting in all of the legwork it takes to get a women in bed when you can gain access to the action right away on webcam sites.

Focus on the physical.

Live cam sites are all about physical connection whereas meeting women in real life or on dating sites tends to be more focused on getting to know each other and forming some sort of relationship before getting down and dirty. If you’re looking for a girlfriend, then a dating site is a great way to find women who are perfect matches for you and your personality. But if you’re the kind of guy who just wants to focus on physical pleasure you’ll be way more into live video cam sites instead. Men who use webcam sites are lucky enough to have their pick from the most stunning women from around the world, letting their fantasies take over the process of picking the perfect girl to chat with. Cam sites let you just enjoy the physical experience with other women instead of having to worry about finding a connection or creating a relationship before having sex.

Realistic experience.

The only thing that compares to getting laid is fooling around with women on live cam sites. Forget about wasting you time looking at profile pics and descriptions when you can cut straight to the goods that you’re interested in. Cam sites give you a much more realistic experience than dating sites ever can, making you feel like you’re right there instead of just fantasizing about it. High quality cam sites are almost as good as being there in person, giving you an experience of talking to and getting physical with the kind of women you could only dream about in real life. For people who wonder if live cam websites like are working they just need to talk to the men who swear by them and prefer them hands-down to any average dating site.

Dealing with Allergies or Medical Issues in One-Night Stands

It can be a pain in the ass to have to deal with allergies if you’re trying to have a one-night stand. It’s not just you that you have to worry about, either; it’s the chick you’re hooking up with, and god knows what she has going on. The same goes for any sort of medical issue, and that’s why it’s always best to discuss this sort of thing before you dive into your one-night stand and get down and dirty. Whether you’re in Quebec City or anywhere else in the world, this is the kind of the thing that always should be on the tip of your tongue if you have any issues…or if you’re concerned that your hookup has them, too.

Always Ask, Don’t Wait

talk about allergies

Don’t skip this topic and talk about your allergies upfront

It should be sort of common sense for most guys to ask if their date has any allergies, especially if there’s a bit of trepidation displayed when you whip out condoms. There are a lot of ladies (and dudes) out there that have latex allergies, though usually they’re going to tell you right away on a one-night stand. If they just suggest that you don’t use a condom, back right up and ask why. It’s important that you know about these kinds of things, especially if you’re hopping into bed with someone and don’t expect a sudden red rash–or fit where they start suffocating due to that latex allergy you didn’t expect. A lot of people might actually be shy about their allergies, because they might be embarrassed about how they will affect their sex life. The thing that people need to realize is that it’s about safety, not about embarrassment, and there’s absolutely no need to be embarrassed about an allergy that can cause a great deal of discomfort. This applies if you’re in Quebec City, or if you’re in the middle of Tokyo and people need to realize this no matter where they are in the world. This also, of course, applies to any medical conditions that you might have. A mind-blowing orgasm can easily be ruined if you’ve got a heart condition, and while we kid about that, it’s not going to be funny if the girl you’re having sex with suddenly drops dead because her heart stopped. The more information you let on about any issues that you have like this, the better, and that goes for your date as well. Hopefully, she’s smart enough to chat about it and let you know before it ends up being a situation that neither of you want to be up to your neck in.

Dealing With Allergies

allergies you have

Talk about any allergy that you have

It’s really not difficult so long as you chat about any allergies that you might have, or any allergies that she might have before the two of you have your one-night stand. One of the most common issues that people might have is a latex allergy, and that’s a big one when you consider the use of condoms. It’s not the easiest always to find latex-free condoms at the drop of a hat, so you need to plan in advance for your hookup to have that sort of thing available and ready. There are obviously many other allergies floating around out there that you might find yourself having to deal with. If you have any allergies related to food that might commonly be used in the bedroom, an aversion to leather, or anything close to that, it’s something that needs to be mentioned before you jump into the middle of a scene. It’s up to both of you to discuss this sort of thing, and iron out any possible difficulties that the two of you might actually run across in the middle of your hookup.

The Same Goes for Medical Issues

medical condition

You need to talk about any medical condition that you may have

Maybe you’ve got asthma. Maybe you’ve got a heart condition. Heck, maybe you’re in a wheelchair–whatever the case may be, there are ways around this sort of thing so that it’s not a big deal when the two of you are in the middle of a hookup. It just takes a bit of style and finesse to get past it all, and at the end of the day, it’s just a matter of talking about what’s going on so both parties are informed and everyone is safe in that particular hookup environment. It’s just common sense to talk about this sort of thing–or so you’d think. It’s extremely important either way for this sort of thing to be brought out in the open, and again, it’s not like you want either you or your hookup to drop dead in the middle of an intense orgasm because you forgot about taking your heart medication because it didn’t look cool. If you’re hooking up with someone that doesn’t want you to stay safe and healthy, then that’s obviously not the kind of person that you need to hook-up within the first place.

It Doesn’t Need to be a Big Deal

having sex

It isn’t a big deal

Anyone that makes your medical issues into a reason not to sleep with you is making it into a big deal, and if that’s the case, then you need to back up and find someone else to roll around with. There’s honestly nothing holding you back except your own inability to express that yes, this is a problem I have, but no, it won’t be a problem tonight because of x, y, and z. That’s all you really need to express in the conversation, but your partners do need to be informed in the case of something actually happening. Allergies and medical issues, in general, only need to be a big deal if they really are a big deal. Then again, most people that are terminally ill or otherwise in a horrible, bad way aren’t going to go out cruising for ladies in a bar, so we seriously doubt you’re having that sort of issue, and it’s probably not going to end up ruining your evening.

The More Informed, The Better

That’s all it comes down to at the end of the day. The more you can relay, the better off both you and your partner will be, and it’ll be a much more stress-free hookup. You won’t have to worry about your heart stopping or a horrible red rash breaking out underneath that chocolate body paint, and she won’t have to worry about her awful lactose-intolerance when she’s licking up all that whipped cream.People often make this into too much of a big deal when it really doesn’t need to be, and it’s important to remember that it’s okay to laugh it off once you’ve gotten the actual facts out of the way. Sex in general is supposed to be fun, and that’s why it’s necessary for you to make it fun even when you’re being practical, safe, and intelligent about your sexual practices. Keep that sort of thing in mind, and you’re going to have hookups and one-night stands that are much more enjoyable to both parties involved–and you’re also going to have more of them, no matter the weird allergies that you might have hanging around.

Having A Fling – How to Start and End a Fling in Oshawa

having a flingPeople need to understand one thing about having a fling: the moment they think of starting it, they must put an exit plan or strategy in place. There are places where you can go to if you are looking for a fling. Such places include parties, at the beach and the bar as well. It is also possible to get a fling on the online dating sites spread all over the Internet. By nature, a fling is one which is not designed to last for a prolonged period of time. It is only designed for the short term and has to be based on an arrangement where there aren’t any feelings being shared between the two people.

How to Start A Fling

There is a right and wrong way of starting anything and having a fling is not excluded. If you want to have a fling — first go on because there are certain things you must put in place. One of the things you need to look at from the very beginning is whether you will get the exact kind of partner you need for such an arrangement. Since the goal of the fling is not long term, you ought to place a lot of emphasis on the qualities you have to look for in such a partner. What you need to avoid is getting together with a person who will soon get so attracted to you hence giving you a very hard time when you think it is time to call off the arrangement. A common mistake which most people commit when they think about having a fling is to get together with friends or neighbors. While it is understandable why a person might be tempted into having a fling with those he sees or interacts with on a regular basis, such as neighbors and friends, one has to take a close evaluation of making such a decision. The main problem with this arrangement is that your spouse has a very good chance of knowing about it, if you are married. When you think it is time to stop the fling, how sure are you that the neighbor or friend will be on the same page with you?

Get To Know Your Fling Better

Don’t forget that this is simply to help you be on your way towards having a fling successfully. In no way should this be entered into unless you are prepared to transform it into a stable and committed relationship. When you embark on learning a few details about the person you intend to have a fling with, the goal ought to be to know without developing feelings for her. There is a danger that you can know so much to an extent where you are no longer interested in a fling but a stable and committed relationship. As a man, learn enough about her to evaluate whether she is what you are looking for. The reason why you must work on getting to know her better is because if this is not done correctly, you will find yourself in a situation where this person is attached to you and is unwilling to let you go. What you need to do in such a situation is to take a keen interest in her personality. If this is a person who doesn’t mind adventures, then she is most probably the right kind of a person with whom having a fling won’t be a source of headache. However, you need to make it clear to her that what you are looking for is just a fling and nothing more.

Make Your Intentions Very Clear

If there is one threat to having a fling which you need to beware of, it has everything to do with whether you share your intentions with the lady or not. If your intentions are known from the word go, it would be much easier for you to call it off instead of encouraging the lady only to tell her at the very last moment that you want to call if off. This will land you in great trouble with the lady since she will interpret this to mean that you were only interested in taking advantage of her. On the other hand, if your intentions are known from the beginning, she won’t accuse you of using her for your own sexual pleasures. It would be wrong for you to embark on having a fling with her when her attentions and intentions are elsewhere. It would be much simpler for the two of you to come to an agreement regarding what needs to be done in case you have had enough and want to see the arrangement brought to an end if you talked about it form the beginning. This is what is known or referred to as developing an exit strategy for the time when you will feel as if there is no more need for having a fling and are prepared to return to what you are accustomed to. A mistake would be to make the lady think that she is the one you have settled on only to change your mind later by informing her that it was nothing more than a fling. Having a fling is much easier, what is difficult is the part when the two of you have to break up at the end of summer. Some people don’t break up cleanly and continue with their relationship even way after summer has come and gone. This is a bit dangerous and could lead the relationship into some interesting but very awkward moments in future. A break up ought to be final and nothing should be allowed to continue beyond summer.

Enjoy Your Time Together Fully

What is the need for having a fling if you are not going to enjoy each other’s company? If the fling is not enjoyable, then this shows that you need to develop an exit strategy and end it as quickly and as soon as possible. A fling should be something that the two of you enjoy and derive great pleasure from whenever you are together. This is the one instance when you can try out new things in bed. Remember tat the fling is someone you won’t be with for a very long time. Therefore, you need to be with someone whose company you enjoy and take great pleasure in. Get the most out of it while it lasts.

Which is the Best Exit Strategy When Having a Fling?

What needs to be done is to prepare for your exit from the fling. This should be done from the very beginning when the two of you settle on having a fling. The two of you can talk about it and decide that your fling will also for a limited period of time after which the two of you will o back to your normal lives. Alternatively, you could also decide not to tell your fling about your intentions and disappear covertly when you feel that you have had enough. The problem with this could arise when the fling sense what you are doing and starts acting up.

If you decide not to tell or inform the fling about your intentions and you get to the pint when you want to break it up, your plans should be put into action at least a week before you take off. The final break up should always be clean and simple and any further communication should be brought to an end. However, you need to end the fling on a good note instead of the two of you ending up as enemies and fighting each other for the rest of your lives.

Getting Laid From Classified Sex Ad Sites

A lot of men have a lot of trouble getting laid from classified sex ad sites. I do sympathize. A bit. It can be intimidating to put yourself out their online to thousands of women that you really want to date. You can be nervous about how they will react to what you have to say, worried that you will get zero interest, and concerned that you are just wasting your time. But with very little effort and just a little bit of thought, you can change your worries about online dating into real confidence that your classifieds, ads, profiles, and messages are going to entice and attract exactly the women you want them too, and then you can get out there and date these same girls just like you came here for.

no strings attached

No strings attached is what all guys wants from sex ad sites

Exploring The World

By best tip when you want to start online dating is to start by not doing it. I know odd, but hear me out. Too many people just jump straight into online dating, either through specific dating websites, or by posting here on those classified sex ad sites, without finding out more about the world they are about to get into. The just pick a site, seemingly at random, add a post or put up an advert, and then expect the world to come calling. Better is to sit back and see what each type of site offers, what people are posing on there, and what type of people are posting on there. Then you can see where you are going to fit in in the ecosystem and what is going to be best for you. For instance, if you are just after a friend with benefits for a quick hump one in a while, then there is no point signing up to (I don’t know if that exists, but I might buy the domain name if not), because probably the women there are not after no-strings sex. Equally, if you want to keep things local, then posting on a nationwide site might not be a good idea. If you live in Phoenix, Arizona there is no point trying to get women in Portland, Maine. Instead you should be trying to post ads on local sites where you ratio of success is going to that much higher.

Looking through these sites, either the dating sites or the classified sex ad sites will give you a chance to do some snooping on the competition as well. Here you can see what I am talking about when I say that most of these guys that are trying to date or screw online do not stand a hope in hells chance of landing a lady. There profiles or ads are deathly dull, or far, far too explicit and would make Hugh Hefner blush. However, the one thing they are not is memorable, or at least not in a good way. This is what you have to make your ad – memorable.

hot girl sex

You can get hot girls, if you are not a jerk

The Jerk Ad

Of course, you might be sitting there with an ever-reddening face as I have just described you to a tee. If you read through your ads or profiles and you are either talking about your car, or how fit you are and expecting that is all it is going to take, then you really need my help. You are coming across as just a jerk online and men and women are probably reading your ads or profiles and chuckling to themselves, before they move on to read something original, witty and wise. Make sure those three adjectives describe your next post.Original, witty, and wise might seem like a lot to pack into such a small advert or profile, but actually you can get that just from one sentence. Try coming up with a weird profile that will stand out from all the rest, describing you as an ex soybean miner from the darkest Amazonian rainforest and how you have had to fight your way to Arizona, through torrential rain and harrowing sun, over the highest hills and dankest valleys, just for the chance to post an ad on OK, stupid, but different to everything else she is going to read, and possibly different enough to stay with her.

online mystery

Always remain a little bit mysterious

Remain Interesting

Once you have piqued some interest, you have to remain interesting (at least until you have slept with her). Therefore, it pays to make sure that however you sound in your first ads really does describe you, and you are not just trying to come up with the best first message, because if you do then all the future ones will fail. Always be yourself, or at least, a much better, more interesting and witty version of yourself. This way you will be able to maintain this level of interest from other parties and transition these online chats into dates and more, which is the whole point of the game.

Kinks That Sound Great, But Aren’t in Practice

There are a lot of fun kinks out there. Some sound better in your head than they actually do in practice, and that can be due to several different factors. There might be simple anatomy things that just don’t work out as you planned, or there might be actual impossibilities. There might also be pain issues that you didn’t take the time to think of, or physical issues that just don’t work out. Whatever the case, when you’re on booty call sites for Canadians (You can find a good selection here), it’s good to realize that some of the kink ideas that are thrown around just aren’t going to work. That’s fine, so keep an open mind, and modify your fantasies as needed in order to get the best out of them during your one-night stands.

For a Lack of a Better Word: Titty Banging

big breasts

Big breasts are a must for this kink

The visual is all over porn, and for good reason: it looks good to see a guy’s penis between a woman’s breasts. Unfortunately, the looks of it and the sound of it are actually a lot better than the practice. It’s not exactly the easiest of things to pull off for the guy or the girl, and that’s just something you’re going to have to accept. The fact of the matter is that boobs generally don’t work that way, and on top of that, you’ve got to be with a girl with some fairly large breasts in order to make it all work out. She has to have big breasts that she can actually push up and around your penis, and you’ve got to have the stamina to kneel over her and actually move yourself. It doesn’t always produce the desired effect, either. A lot of people might enjoy the aesthetic of this, but unless you’ve got a lot of lube to add to the equation, it’s just not really going to work out to the desired effect that you want. It’s going to be weird, messy, and your girl isn’t going to be digging the lube-over-the-boobs thing. It’s also a common thing in porn to have girls give oral sex to you while you’re doing her boobs. It doesn’t really work like that, surprise! There’s a lot of neck craning that has to happen on her end, and while you might see this kind of thing over booty call sites for Canadians, but in general, it’s just not the kind of thing that actually works in practice.

Size Kink and Its Issues

choose wisely

Choose wisely – do not get carried away

There’s an undeniable aesthetic involving size kink as well, but the fact of the matter is–there are a lot of issues involving it that people just don’t realize. Many people aren’t capable of dealing with the size of the dildos that you see in porn movies. In fact, most people aren’t, so don’t go around bringing a goliath-size dildo to every hookup after you’ve been browsing booty call sites for Canadians all day. These kinds of things take a lot of preparation, and a lot of experience. If you’re really into size kink, there is a lot of prep involved–namely the amount of lube and stretching required to actually make it even begin to work. Many women and men simply can’t handle the large dildos at first, and that’s why you should start small and work your way up. There should also definitely be a safe word in place, which can be used if they feel overwhelmed at any point, and believe us; we’ve seen that happen more often than not. Right along the same lines as size kink is fisting. Many people enjoy the aesthetic of this as well, and might have fantasies regarding it. Fisting, however, requires a great deal of preparation and experience, and shouldn’t be attempted by someone just wanting to do it on the fly. Take the time to research this sort of thing, and you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience that doesn’t end up with either of you in the emergency room. It’s just not a good idea in general to try out things without really thinking them through…especially with hardcore kinks that just don’t work all that easily in practice.

Food Play in General

food play

Food play is hot but you need to do some research first

It sounds like so much fun. Licking food off of someone and watching them squirm underneath your tongue–yeah, what a great idea! The problem is that it really is actually messy, and licking in general just isn’t a huge turn-on for people. Okay, maybe nibble it? Still doesn’t really work and throwing around the idea of food play to ladies in Halifax isn’t really going to make them come screaming to your bedroom because they’ve been there, tried it, and didn’t really care. The other, main problem with food play is that food really doesn’t belong anywhere near genitalia. It can cause some serious infections for the ladies, and honestly, most guys don’t want whipped cream on their junk. It isn’t a good idea to have this sort of thing near genitalia because of all the issues it can cause, and if you want to put it in her after you’ve had sugary things all over your penis…just don’t. Anything with edible body paints can also be a little sketchy, but in all honesty, that’s a much better way to incorporate ‘food play’ in the bedroom. It’s usually a lot safer around different body parts, and at least you’re drawing on them, not just spraying whipped cream everywhere. Keep that kind of thing in mind and you’re going to have a much easier experience in the bedroom that doesn’t lead to some nasty infections that keep persisting for months.

The Art of Swallowing


She might or might not like it – ask her first

A lot of guys are insistent on women swallowing their fizz. It’s all over porn movies, and it’s sort of a thing as far as most guys are concerned. The fact of the matter is that you should never expect a woman in Halifax or anywhere to automatically swallow for you. If she’s giving you oral sex during a hookup, it needs to be given with a condom in the first place for the safety of both of you. With that in mind, her swallowing isn’t really going to be a thing anyway, so you shouldn’t expect it to be.This also goes for coming on her face. It’s seriously a porno thing, and most women in hookups aren’t going to enjoy it unless they expressly say as much. Keep that in mind and you’re not going to end up with a lot of angry girls walking out in the middle of your one-night stand. There are so many other kinks out there that are just a really, really bad idea. In general, though, you’ll be able to weed them out as time goes on, and realize which ones are much better left to fantasy rather than practiced in reality. There are a lot of easier options to try and get around with in the kinky world, too, so just try those out instead, and you’ll end up having sex that’s safer, and honestly, one heck of a lot more fun. Good luck, and have fun on your kinky hookup adventures in the future.

The Top 5 Dating Rules

If you are new to dating, working out the whats, wheres and the how-tos can be pretty difficult. You are probably just looking for someone nice to spend some time with, but it will seem more like you are in a competition, constantly judged against everyone else, rather than on your own merits. Nice guys and girls and quickly become neurotic wrecks as they lurch from rejection to rejection.
But if you take step back for a minute and make the conscious decision to enjoy dating, then you really can have fun with it, and find someone to fit into your life. I always tell people that the trick is to be happy with yourself so that you always exude confidence. In that way, all types of people will be attracted to you, and you will have far greater dating success.

confident dating

Be Confident

This is the trick, but it can be very difficult to realize. Everyone wants to be confident, but almost no one really is. Probably even George Clooney has times when he ebbs. But just because you do not feel confident, doesn’t mean you can’t be confident. Your internal meter maybe running low, but as long as you look confident on the outside, then people will treat you that way. More importantly, you will start to treat yourself that way. Confidence begets confidence.
Try it. Head out to a bar and spark up a conversation with someone, or message someone you like online. That immediate moment that you do it might be nerve-wracking, but to the other person you will seem very confident, and they will respond to that well.

date everywhere

Dating Everywhere

One mistake almost everyone makes when they start dating is to only think in terms of bars, clubs and websites. They think that what dating means is either getting drunk and sidling up to someone in the dark and using a lame line, or they think that they have to sit at their computer every night going through dozens of profiles, picking the best ones to message.
That is because that is what the dating industry want you to think. Instead start to realize that the possibility of dating is all around you. In cafes, grocery stores, at the gym, in the street, everywhere. If you see someone you like, as a human being you can go up to them and start up a conversation. As a human being, they are free to walk away, but they might be OK with it.
Of course this is easier for women to do than men, as men always seem creepy when the do so. But if a man has something funny, relevant, or charming to say, any girl anywhere is going to listen to them, and respond.

Enjoy The Opportunities

One thing that worries people a lot about dating is the fear of rejection, both ways. They worry about finding someone really attractive, only for them to be turned down. They also worry about having to let someone else down, telling them that there will be no second date.
You cannot change how other people will respond, but you can change your response. See dating as an opportunity to meet new people and understand from the off that most dates will lead nowhere. If you just choose to enjoy the moment, getting to know someone new and doing something different no matter what the outcome, then you will be able to see the whole thing as an opportunity and an adventure.

dating later

Reinvent Yourself

If you are feeling low, and your confidence is not high, then use this time in your life to do something about it. Lose that weight, take up that hobby, change that job. What you fear people will not like about you is, in reality, what you do not like about yourself. Think about what you really want from life and how you might change it. It might turn out that wanting a relationship was just a crutch for something else in your life and once you realized you really want to be a ski instructor in Irkutsk, you are happy on your own.

Be Picky

Lastly, do not be afraid to say no, and to reach for the top. If you are taking dating seriously then this might be the person you will spend the rest of your life with. Therefore you have to get what you want. Do not settle just because you do not want to hurt someone’s feelings, and do not settle just because you think you cannot do any better. You can.
But do go to every date with open eyes. You might find that the person you really want, deep down, is sitting across the table form you right now.

Getting Help For An STD

Sexual health problems can ruin a lot of relationships in life. Whilst you can cure a few of them, others are incurable, meaning you will be a transmitter of them for the rest of your life. Obviously, you can still have sex without passing them on, but you have to rely on a condom not splitting to make sure you don’t pass on your diseases to other people.Whilst there’s always a risk of getting something from someone, it is much lower when you take proper precautions.

see the doctor

So, What Now?

STD’s happen, unfortunately. The problem is that society stigmatizes them, meaning that when you tell a date you have an STD, they are likely to just leave without giving you a chance.If you have caught a sexually transmitted disease, make sure that you go straight to the Doctor, with as much information as possible. If you have any symptoms that you can’t trace to a normal illness, you’ve probably go an STD. Some STD’s are curable if you treat them correctly and quickly.

For the love of god, do not be sexually active until your Doctor has given the all clear. It’s a hell of a thing to know you have a disease and knowingly pass it on.


The best thing to do, is not to get an STD in the first place. ALWAYS practice safe sex with someone until you know for sure that they are clean and have medically tested results to show it. Get yourself tested regularly, even if you don’t think that -you- have one. Condoms are always necessary. Who cares if it feels a little bit better without one. Condoms should be a prerequisite to having sex. If you don’t have any, order a pizza and watch Law and Order.

Getting Tested

Getting tested is usually free, easy and relatively painless. There’s seriously no reason why you shouldn’t go to the Doctor as soon as you suspect you might have something. Doctors will have seen this hundreds of times before and there’s no use being shy or pretending that you don’t have an STD.

Most common STD’s can be treated with a short course of oral antibiotics, which isn’t exactly a painful treatment process. Don’t drink on these tablets, because this will stop them from working, leaving your STD untreated. Finish the entire dosage too. If you don’t kill the STD 100%, you are risking it growing back, stronger.

You can also get vaccines for many sexually transmitted diseases. Go out and get these vaccines, even if you don’t think that you are going to be sexually active in the near future. They again, should be free and easily applied to you, so that means you can stop getting infected before it even happens. Great!


Even After Vaccines

Whilst you are vaccinated, the chance of catching certain diseases is lower. However, there are some diseases that cannot possibly be treated, vaccinated or fought. These are life threatening disease like HIV and you still need to be super careful. It’s a surefire way to get yourself killed or at least lose decades of your life expectancy. In addition to this, people knowing that you have HIV will avoid you, because people are scared of catching it.

oral antibiotics cure

Dating With STD’s

Whilst there are ways you can still date when you have STD’s, you’ll have a difficult time of it because of people’s preconceptions. Make sure that you tell everyone you are going to touch, because it is their choice whether to take the risk. Abstain from sex until you are marked clear, but if you must, have sex, wear a damn condom. Make sure your partner gets tested and goes to the doctor after. In fact, go with them, so they can’t blow it off.

Until you are clean, your life will become a lot more difficult on the dating side. Put your efforts to one side for a while and keep your pants on. Most sexually transmitted disease medicine courses are short and you won’t need to risk it all for one night of pleasure.

Respect Your Date

Don’t throw away the start of a great relationship by having sex with someone when you have an STD. Especially, if you haven’t told them you have one.

If the relationship is going to be good, you are going to be able to tell them you are being treated and you are going to wait until after the treatment is finished to make sure you don’t transmit anything to them. Even if you think it’ll repel them, they have a right to know and choose what to do. Please be careful and don’t spread STD’s.

Dealing With Being Single On Valentine’s

We have all been there. The middle of February comes around and all the couples you know cannot wait to tell you what they are going to do for Valentine’s Day. Not only that, but wherever you look it is being ramped down your throat. If you do not have anyone to share Valentine’s Day with then the day, and the time leading up to it can be very lonely indeed.Most people just choose to ignore it all together, or throw scorn on those that seem to be enjoying themselves. Though this is a way to go, I do not recommend. You might find that next year your position has changed, as you are all loved up, and they are telling your new beau how much Valentine’s Day means nothing to you. Instead, try and see the day for what it is. A marketing ploy, yes, but also a day when people who are genuine inly in love celebrate that and just have a good time with each other. If you stay out of their way, then you can also enjoy the time as well, and you won’t be filled with bitterness and regret.

single valentine 1

Don’t Stress

OK, so it can be quite miserable to be single on Valentine’s Day, especially when you are the odd one out in your crowd of friends. If you are long-term single, then it can be yet another reminder that you haven’t got a boyfriend, and you’ll think back to all the other Valentine’s Day when you have had the same feelings. For that reason, it can be one of the low points in the year for single people.

If you have recently split up then it can be even harder, as you hark back to what you were doing last year together, and start to wonder what they are doing this year, either alone or with their new girlfriend. Thoughts like this can send you into a downward spiral of depression and, coupled with the gray skies of February, can push people to very low depths indeed.But it doesn’t have to be like that. You just have to have one thought in mind: it is just a day, like any other. OK, so there is a bit more red around, and a few more cuddly bears, but that is it. Do not see it as defining your life, and try not to sit and wallow in thoughts of eternal loneliness. In fact, it is a great time to rethink your dating strategy – a kind of romantic new year’s resolution. Make it your aim to not spend next year alone, and to get out there, or online, and start dating. Just think about all of the millions of other people alone on that day, and how two of you might not be lonely next year.single valentine 2

Don’t Gooseberry

If you are going to wallow, then at least do it locked away, alone at home. The last thing happy people need is someone telling them how bad Valentine’s Day really is and how it was dreamed up by the Illuminati to keep stupid people quiet. Once in a while one of your coupled friends may take pity on you and invite you out with them on Valentine’s Day. They will pretend it is a day like any other and you are just all out for a nice meal together, but trust me, it will be awkward, with a capital horrible. People will look, wondering exactly what type of relationship you guys have, and the couple will still be thinking romantically, even if they are trying to keep it under wraps.If you find yourself invited out on Valentine’s Day by friends, even if it is a large group, politely decline. As long as there are romantically linked people in the party, it will always be a Valentine’s Day dinner, and you will always be a gooseberry.

single valentine 3

Have Fun

But here’s a thought. Instead of sitting at home wallowing, wondering about when exactly your knight in shining armor is going to crash through the door and whisk you off to a romantic Valentine’s Day idyll, why don’t you go out and make it happen.Like I say, there are millions of people in the same boat as you. Millions of single people looking for love and wondering when all of the Valentine’s Day BS will end. Why don’t you get together with a few of your single friends and hit the town. Head to a few bars and have a great time. You know all the coupled people will be at home together, or out at small Italian restaurants, so the bars will just be single people from wall to wall. Get involved. You never know, this might turn out to be your anniversary as well as Valentine’s Day next year.

5 Great Ideas For A Date On Halloween

Forget Valentine’s Day, Halloween is the best night of the year for dating. It is a night that, instead of being about romantic tension, is all about fun. Done right, a Halloween date can be a brilliant time, no matter whether you have just started seeing somebody, or whether you have been married for five years.The trick with a Halloween date is to go with the flow. Soak up the atmosphere and have as much fun with the night as you can. You might be a bit too old to go out trick or treating, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot have fun, and it doesn’t mean that you should leave all the fun to the kids.Here are my five favorite ideas for a really great Halloween date…

halloween date 1

Scary Movie

This is easily one of my favorites because it gives you everything you need for a date with almost no hassle. Decide which film you are going to watch in advance, and make sure you get the popcorn, pizza and beers in. Lock the doors so the monsters do not get in and then turn out the lights. Settle in, cuddle up, and get ready for the frights.This is a great thing to do if you have just started dating. It means that you have to cuddle up with each other, and that you get to have fun. The more intimate nature of the sofa and living room is a far better place to watch a movie than at the theater. The guy can play the strong man and shield the girl from all the horridness on screen, whereas the girl has every reason to get up close and personal with the guy from minute one. Especially when the door knocks in the middle of the scariest part.My only suggestion is to not pick a really gory film. You want to be scared, not repulsed. So little gore, and no torture porn.

halloween date 2

Pumpkin Carving

This is great fun no matter what you age and a great thing to do if you have been seeing each other for a while and want something silly to do in the evening. You need to get a pumpkin early though because they sell out really fast. The just head home and get all messy together as you pull all the innards out and get cutting.Another idea is to get two pumpkins and turn it into a competition. Winner gets what they want from the loser…

Haunted House

Another great one if you need an excuse to get close to each other. Plenty of fairs set up haunted houses, forests, or rides during this time of year, and going along to one together will make sure that you are arm in arm, or hand in hand for the entire time. The frisson of the close contact will not leave once you have escaped, and you stay together throughout the evening, not wanting to leave each other.

halloween date 3

Corn Maze

A little bit silly, but that is what Halloween is all about. Corn mazes can be found all over the country and you can spend all evening running around them getting lost together. It is so easy to find a small, secluded corner together to make out (nothing more!) that it should definitely be something you do on a Halloween at some point. You can also scare each other and ramp up the tension I a corn maze, pretending to get lost and then jumping out. Fun all around.

Dressing Up

This one is more for the adults. Dressing up is synonymous with Halloween now, so you can see it as a reason to ask your partner what their role playing fantasy is. And you do not have to keep it monster-themed, unless that is what you are into. Maybe your partner wants to play doctors and nurses, or cops and robbers. Perhaps they just want to see you in a kinky maids outfit, or as a firefighter. Whatever your particular want is, you can easily find an excuse to ask for it at Halloween, and it is about the only time of the year when you can legitimately go into a costume store and get this stuff without people giving you funny looks.

You can use any of these as date ideas for Halloween. Because the night is so much fun, and organized around mischief, it should be seen as a night where you can let your hair down and get up to anything you want. Whether that is something as tame as cuddling up with a new beau, or something as risqué as donning the stockings and suspenders for the naughty schoolgirl look, you can always have fun on Halloween.

An Overview Of Top Fashion Apps

Staying on top of fashion express isn’t an easy job. Ask any fashionista and you will realize how much effort goes into looking great. Being a fashionista requires one to follow fashion trends even before they are launched. Even in the fashion industry, technology plays a pivotal role. Mobile industry is one of fastest growing industries and comprehending various fashion Apps will ensure that you get the right fashion App.

Features of the fashion apps

Once a client has downloaded the app, notifications can be sent to him/her on their device. These could be information on discounts, promotions, new and special product launch information. This development feature is effective in ensuring that communication is approved. The fashion apps also allow one to import and save favorite styles from the web or a photo library as an inspiration. In addition, one can share items with friends and other devices on the Wi-Fi network.

Benefits of the fashion apps

In this technological era, old techniques are being traded for digital media and digital catalog mediums like websites, newsletters, mobile, CDs and e-mails. The fashion apps can be used as a distribution canal for easy provision of products and services to clients gaining effective communication hence satisfaction. The apps ensure maximum returns as the virtual analog costs are reduced. They also help in real-time following of performance, patterns and habits of competitors and clients to build on a fashion brand. The ability of fashion apps to prototype eliminates possible complications thus promoting faster development.

Different fashion apps

Vogue Stylist– This app allows one to track trends and get insights into how they can be dressed. It also gives suggestions based on the weather and the fashionable style that can be worn. One can upload photos of his/her own clothing then the app will combine the pieces with matching pieces at the moment to generate new looks of the season.

This app is a fashion blog which comprises of photos mostly

This app is a fashion blog which comprises of photos mostly

Sartorialist-This app is a fashion blog which comprises of photos mostly. It enables one to download well-dressed people around the globe in search of fashion inspiration. Without charge, the pictures can also be shared on social networks.

The Find-Looking for a good deal is easier with the assistance of this application. It helps the user scan a barcode and research the product. It compares and relates products and even traces shops in the neighborhood. This application does not encompass advertisements to muddle up the space.

Stylebook – Stylebook, also called known as closet manager, helps one organize his/her wardrobe and effectively collage items to create new outfits. The app also enables the use of the calendar to track outfits and generate a wardrobe plan to avoid putting on a particular outfit time and again. This app is the best for getting latest news on fashion and it is the top spring for fashion news. The is a quick technique to access quality photos and videos on your mobile device. It also comprises of features from its blog, archival footage and international party coverage.

few fashion-related apps

few fashion-related apps


Downloading a few fashion-related apps can help one be on toes with the fashion industry which is highly competitive.

3 Most Effective Ways To Get Into A Relationship

Are you also trying to get into a relationship or you are suffering from maintaining your current relationship? If the answer is yes, then you need to do something about it if you don’t want to be lonely. Being in a relationship gives us an opportunity to share our thoughts and views on certain things. It truly is a wonderful feeling, however it can also be the most disturbing feeling, if you lost your loved one just because she thinks that you are not worthy of her. Therefore, in order to maintain a good relationship with your date or to simply find a date for yourself, then better follow the 3 simple steps given below.

Control your feelings and emotions like an adult

Now that you are an adult, you don’t have any excuse for screaming, calling names, door slamming or simply hurting your partner whenever you become upset. As an adult, you need to control your feelings and act in a mature manner. It will not only help you show the positive side of you in front of your date, but also teaches you to control your stress level and emotions.

You must know how to deal with stress as it can maintain a satisfying and loving relationship. How you behave and take action in stressful period can affect your relationship in both positive and negative manner. Therefore, make sure to convert your negative impacts into positive ones and make your partner feel comfortable even if the situation is unfavorable for you. That will surely make your partner feel happy and more importantly, he/she will feel dependable with you.

Raise positive communication with your partner

When you increase negative interaction with your partner, you tend to weaken your relationship. How you make a connection with him/her is significant. If you constantly argue with your loved one, then chances are that in your near future, you may end up being single and regret when you think back. Therefore, if you want to be in a long lasting relationship, then give respect to your partner in order to receive the same. Try to understand his/her feelings as much as you can. Respect the feeling of your loved one, what does he/she wants and then decide according to its. The base of a healthy relationship lies in honesty, respect, communication, trust, mutual understating and the yearning to be together.

Mutual understating

Mutual understating

Accept the truth

This must be the most difficult thing to do in maintaining the relationship. You must learn to accept the harsh reality of truth. You need to accept the feelings of your partner. Don’t get too many bright ideas in your mind while you don’t even know if there is any future for this relationship or not. All you need to do is to get under your partner’s good side. Make him/her feels comfortable around you but don’t ever think that you will get success soon.

maintaining the relationship

maintaining the relationship

This will help you get to know each other well and may be your partner comes to know the worthiness of you and started feeling the same way as you. Just don’t lose hope in the half way as it could be long road you are moving on.

5 Great Shopping Apps You Need To Save Money

In today’s world nearly everyone has a smartphone, from teens to adults. One of the main features of smartphones, as you likely know, is apps. In this article we’ll be discussing 5 of the best shopping apps that can help you save money.

1. RedLaser

RedLaser is an amazing free app developed for iPhone, Android, and Windows phones. Owned and developed by eBay, RedLaser allows you to scan bar codes at your local stores and compare them with other offline and online store prices. After scanning a product, you can also check out comprehensive reviews and information on the product you have selected.

After finding the price and information about your product selected, if you haven’t chosen to buy it locally, RedLaser can help you buy the product you are searching for. You can even have it delivered to your home, all from the RedLaser app.

2. Redeemia

Redeemia is a really neat app developed for iPhone only. As you may know, there are many cool apps that can help you save money, like Groupon, Living Social, etc. Redeemia helps you save time by capturing the best deals from every coupon app and importing them into Redeemia so you can view them without the hassle of searching through tons of other apps. It can even find deals based on your current location, so if you happen to be looking for a car mechanic in Chicago, it can help you find deals based on those details.

3. MyVoucherCodes

MyVoucherCodes is a free app developed for both iPhone and Android. The app captures your current location based on a GPS feature in your smartphone, and sends you great deals based on the location it found you in. The potential deals include; eating, shopping, health & beauty, travel, and entertainment. One problem you may have considered is that vouchers are normally physical items you hand in at the store. However, you can simply show the store your voucher on your smartphone’s screen.

4. Trivago

Trivago is a free app designated to help you find the best deals on a hotel room. It not only compiles prices of hotel rooms based on the top hotel websites for your area (extracted from a GPS in your phone), but lets you know which website you should

Trivago works on iPhone and Android phones

Trivago works on iPhone and Android phones

choose if you want the best deals on hotel rooms. Trivago works on iPhone and Android phones.

5. Fuel School

Fuel School is an amazing app that helps you save money by taking note of how you drive and making suggestions to save you money on fuel. With how high gas prices are nowadays, the 1 dollar Fuel School costs is really worth it. Fuel School claims to save people tons of money on helping them drive more efficiently. Sadly, at the moment, it is only available on iPhone.

Hopefully this article helped provide you with some great apps you can use to save money. Before this article, maybe you didn’t know much about these apps, but after reading it you may be saving some serious money by using these apps. As you may have noticed, all of these apps except for Fuel School are completely free.

**Note to employer**

I hope this is what you were looking for in this article

I hope this is what you were looking for in this article

I hope this is what you were looking for in this article. If there are any issues you have with this article, feel free to contact me and I’ll fix what you need. Thanks for letting me work for you, have a nice day!

Tips To Ensure Your Email Gets Read By Your Prospects And Customers

The 21st century has experienced rapid development of internet technology. The internet has opened various avenues in which business people use to promote their goods and services. One of the most popular internet marketing strategies used by many business owners is email marketing. Email marketing involves direct marketing a commercial message to target audience by use of email. In a broader sense every email that is sent to a prospect or a customer can be considered as email marketing. It involves use of email to send ads, solicit sales, donations and also for brand awareness. However, many email marketing strategies fail because emails go unread by the targeted audience. Here are three tips to guarantee your emails get read.

1. Be smart in creating subject lines

The first thing that people look for when they find new email sent in their inbox is the title or subject of the email. It is, therefore important to ensure that you put captivating subject that will make the targeted reader get interested to read the email. Let the title of the email make the reader curious to open and read the message sent. Make sure the subject line is relevant to your content. Use of less interesting subjects make the email be marked as spam or turn the reader off. The subject line should also be personalized according to the interests or needs of certain prospects or customers. Sending emails with generalized subjects makes some people fail to open the emails because people have diverse needs and interests.

2. Stick to what you say you are going to do

It is important to be consistent when sending your emails or newsletters to inform clients or prospects of any development in your business. For instance, if you promise that you will be publishing weekly email newsletters, stick to this promise. This helps build your credibility and reflects you as a reliable and trustworthy person who can be relied upon. Adhering to regular publication schedule means that your prospect and customers will expect your emails on time and they will be eagerly waiting for them.

Emails or newsletters to inform clients.

Emails or newsletters to inform clients.

3. Ensure you provide useful and valuable content at all times

It is fundamental that your emails contain relevant content for your readers. The content should be interesting, entertaining and informative. Let the emails inform the readers of something they did not know before. It should also be on topic for your subscriber and avoid re-using old articles in your newsletters that are no longer relevant or correct. This will make the subscribers remain eager at all times to read your emails, so that they can learn or be entertained by your content.

Let the emails inform the readers

Let the emails inform the readers

Therefore, just like any other marketing strategies, email marketing has its own techniques. The most important thing in email marketing is to ensure that the emails sent are read by the targeted audience. By following the above three tips, you email stand high chances of being read thus leading to more sales and also developing a strong customer base.

How To Lose Weight In 5 Fun And Easy Way Without Going To The Gym

Being overweight is a in many ways; there are the health concerns that being overweight increases your chances of getting high blood pressure, heart attack, heartburns and increases chances of cancer among others. From a social point of view, being overweight is conventionally deemed as being less attractive as far as the opposite sex is concerned; it can also lead to poor sense of self-worth.

How to know your calories levels is too high

The obvious sign would be being overweight. You can simply weigh yourself over the period and whenever your weight increases, this should be an indication that your calories levels are getting too high.

You can go to a physician who would measure your Body Mass Index (BMI) and will instruct you on whether you are overweight or not.

What causes calories to build up in the body?

It has been observed that the basic principal behind calories build up in the human body is due to intake of too much food, that the body only requires a fraction of. In simple terms, you take in more than you need.

There are some foods which when eat, even though not excessive but on a consistent basis, will lead to gaining too much calories. These foods are like french-fries, chicken, pork, bacon, ice cream. Basically any type of food that is highly oily and greasy.

When you also overindulge in eating; there are some people who just love to eat, and they would eat even when they are not hungry, or when at the dinner table they only stop eating when the food is depleted from the table not when they fill they are already full.

How to lose calories without going to the gym

Going to the gym, for sure a definite way to lose calories, however it demands a high level of discipline and commitment which some of us cannot have on a consistent basis, which is required for effective loss of calories. So the following are the alternative ways to lose weight without necessarily going to the gym:

Mild form of exercise that will make you lose some calories

Mild form of exercise that will make you lose some calories

On your way to work, if you frequently use the lift or the escalator, use the stairs for a change. And use it frequently; it will be a mild form of exercise that will make you lose some calories.

During your lunch break or any break at your work place, take a 10minutes walk, around the work place, to stretch your legs a bit. This will see you burn some calories instead of proceeding to your workstation immediately after eating.

When you are parking your vehicle in the parking lot, ensure you park in the furthest corner from the point of entry or exit into the parking lot. So that you will have to walk some considerable distance when you walking into and out of the parking.

When you sit down, and want to eat. Ensure that you first take a considerable amount of water before you start eating your food. Water will give your stomach a sense of being full, thus you will only need to eat a fraction of your meal before you feel already full. This will check on excessive eating which leads to excessive calories build up in the body.

If and when you use the public transport system, like a bus or subway, ensure that you highlight some considerably long distance from your point of destination. This will now necessitate you walking on foot over a several hundreds of meters preferably between 100 to 300 meters. If you do this consistently, you will slowly but surely be exercising your body and thus losing calories.

Leading to storing the excessive calories

Leading to storing the excessive calories

The basic idea behind losing calories is to take in as much food as your body requires. Most people take in sufficient amount of food usually, but the problem arises that our modern life style of private cars, lifts, elevators, food delivery denies our body the natural chance to use most of the food we take. Leading to storing the excessive calories as body fat thus weight gain.

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