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5 Great Ideas For A Date On Halloween

Forget Valentine’s Day, Halloween is the best night of the year for dating. It is a night that, instead of being about romantic tension, is all about fun. Done right, a Halloween date can be a brilliant time, no matter whether you have just started seeing somebody, or whether you have been married for five years.The trick with a Halloween date is to go with the flow. Soak up the atmosphere and have as much fun with the night as you can. You might be a bit too old to go out trick or treating, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot have fun, and it doesn’t mean that you should leave all the fun to the kids.Here are my five favorite ideas for a really great Halloween date…

halloween date 1

Scary Movie

This is easily one of my favorites because it gives you everything you need for a date with almost no hassle. Decide which film you are going to watch in advance, and make sure you get the popcorn, pizza and beers in. Lock the doors so the monsters do not get in and then turn out the lights. Settle in, cuddle up, and get ready for the frights.This is a great thing to do if you have just started dating. It means that you have to cuddle up with each other, and that you get to have fun. The more intimate nature of the sofa and living room is a far better place to watch a movie than at the theater. The guy can play the strong man and shield the girl from all the horridness on screen, whereas the girl has every reason to get up close and personal with the guy from minute one. Especially when the door knocks in the middle of the scariest part.My only suggestion is to not pick a really gory film. You want to be scared, not repulsed. So little gore, and no torture porn.

halloween date 2

Pumpkin Carving

This is great fun no matter what you age and a great thing to do if you have been seeing each other for a while and want something silly to do in the evening. You need to get a pumpkin early though because they sell out really fast. The just head home and get all messy together as you pull all the innards out and get cutting.Another idea is to get two pumpkins and turn it into a competition. Winner gets what they want from the loser…

Haunted House

Another great one if you need an excuse to get close to each other. Plenty of fairs set up haunted houses, forests, or rides during this time of year, and going along to one together will make sure that you are arm in arm, or hand in hand for the entire time. The frisson of the close contact will not leave once you have escaped, and you stay together throughout the evening, not wanting to leave each other.

halloween date 3

Corn Maze

A little bit silly, but that is what Halloween is all about. Corn mazes can be found all over the country and you can spend all evening running around them getting lost together. It is so easy to find a small, secluded corner together to make out (nothing more!) that it should definitely be something you do on a Halloween at some point. You can also scare each other and ramp up the tension I a corn maze, pretending to get lost and then jumping out. Fun all around.

Dressing Up

This one is more for the adults. Dressing up is synonymous with Halloween now, so you can see it as a reason to ask your partner what their role playing fantasy is. And you do not have to keep it monster-themed, unless that is what you are into. Maybe your partner wants to play doctors and nurses, or cops and robbers. Perhaps they just want to see you in a kinky maids outfit, or as a firefighter. Whatever your particular want is, you can easily find an excuse to ask for it at Halloween, and it is about the only time of the year when you can legitimately go into a costume store and get this stuff without people giving you funny looks.

You can use any of these as date ideas for Halloween. Because the night is so much fun, and organized around mischief, it should be seen as a night where you can let your hair down and get up to anything you want. Whether that is something as tame as cuddling up with a new beau, or something as risqué as donning the stockings and suspenders for the naughty schoolgirl look, you can always have fun on Halloween.

Getting Help For An STD

Sexual health problems can ruin a lot of relationships in life. Whilst you can cure a few of them, others are incurable, meaning you will be a transmitter of them for the rest of your life. Obviously, you can still have sex without passing them on, but you have to rely on a condom not splitting to make sure you don’t pass on your diseases to other people.Whilst there’s always a risk of getting something from someone, it is much lower when you take proper precautions.

see the doctor

So, What Now?

STD’s happen, unfortunately. The problem is that society stigmatizes them, meaning that when you tell a date you have an STD, they are likely to just leave without giving you a chance.If you have caught a sexually transmitted disease, make sure that you go straight to the Doctor, with as much information as possible. If you have any symptoms that you can’t trace to a normal illness, you’ve probably go an STD. Some STD’s are curable if you treat them correctly and quickly.

For the love of god, do not be sexually active until your Doctor has given the all clear. It’s a hell of a thing to know you have a disease and knowingly pass it on.


The best thing to do, is not to get an STD in the first place. ALWAYS practice safe sex with someone until you know for sure that they are clean and have medically tested results to show it. Get yourself tested regularly, even if you don’t think that -you- have one. Condoms are always necessary. Who cares if it feels a little bit better without one. Condoms should be a prerequisite to having sex. If you don’t have any, order a pizza and watch Law and Order.

Getting Tested

Getting tested is usually free, easy and relatively painless. There’s seriously no reason why you shouldn’t go to the Doctor as soon as you suspect you might have something. Doctors will have seen this hundreds of times before and there’s no use being shy or pretending that you don’t have an STD.

Most common STD’s can be treated with a short course of oral antibiotics, which isn’t exactly a painful treatment process. Don’t drink on these tablets, because this will stop them from working, leaving your STD untreated. Finish the entire dosage too. If you don’t kill the STD 100%, you are risking it growing back, stronger.

You can also get vaccines for many sexually transmitted diseases. Go out and get these vaccines, even if you don’t think that you are going to be sexually active in the near future. They again, should be free and easily applied to you, so that means you can stop getting infected before it even happens. Great!


Even After Vaccines

Whilst you are vaccinated, the chance of catching certain diseases is lower. However, there are some diseases that cannot possibly be treated, vaccinated or fought. These are life threatening disease like HIV and you still need to be super careful. It’s a surefire way to get yourself killed or at least lose decades of your life expectancy. In addition to this, people knowing that you have HIV will avoid you, because people are scared of catching it.

oral antibiotics cure

Dating With STD’s

Whilst there are ways you can still date when you have STD’s, you’ll have a difficult time of it because of people’s preconceptions. Make sure that you tell everyone you are going to touch, because it is their choice whether to take the risk. Abstain from sex until you are marked clear, but if you must, have sex, wear a damn condom. Make sure your partner gets tested and goes to the doctor after. In fact, go with them, so they can’t blow it off.

Until you are clean, your life will become a lot more difficult on the dating side. Put your efforts to one side for a while and keep your pants on. Most sexually transmitted disease medicine courses are short and you won’t need to risk it all for one night of pleasure.

Respect Your Date

Don’t throw away the start of a great relationship by having sex with someone when you have an STD. Especially, if you haven’t told them you have one.

If the relationship is going to be good, you are going to be able to tell them you are being treated and you are going to wait until after the treatment is finished to make sure you don’t transmit anything to them. Even if you think it’ll repel them, they have a right to know and choose what to do. Please be careful and don’t spread STD’s.

The Top 5 Dating Rules

If you are new to dating, working out the whats, wheres and the how-tos can be pretty difficult. You are probably just looking for someone nice to spend some time with, but it will seem more like you are in a competition, constantly judged against everyone else, rather than on your own merits. Nice guys and girls and quickly become neurotic wrecks as they lurch from rejection to rejection.
But if you take step back for a minute and make the conscious decision to enjoy dating, then you really can have fun with it, and find someone to fit into your life. I always tell people that the trick is to be happy with yourself so that you always exude confidence. In that way, all types of people will be attracted to you, and you will have far greater dating success.

confident dating

Be Confident

This is the trick, but it can be very difficult to realize. Everyone wants to be confident, but almost no one really is. Probably even George Clooney has times when he ebbs. But just because you do not feel confident, doesn’t mean you can’t be confident. Your internal meter maybe running low, but as long as you look confident on the outside, then people will treat you that way. More importantly, you will start to treat yourself that way. Confidence begets confidence.
Try it. Head out to a bar and spark up a conversation with someone, or message someone you like online. That immediate moment that you do it might be nerve-wracking, but to the other person you will seem very confident, and they will respond to that well.

date everywhere

Dating Everywhere

One mistake almost everyone makes when they start dating is to only think in terms of bars, clubs and websites. They think that what dating means is either getting drunk and sidling up to someone in the dark and using a lame line, or they think that they have to sit at their computer every night going through dozens of profiles, picking the best ones to message.
That is because that is what the dating industry want you to think. Instead start to realize that the possibility of dating is all around you. In cafes, grocery stores, at the gym, in the street, everywhere. If you see someone you like, as a human being you can go up to them and start up a conversation. As a human being, they are free to walk away, but they might be OK with it.
Of course this is easier for women to do than men, as men always seem creepy when the do so. But if a man has something funny, relevant, or charming to say, any girl anywhere is going to listen to them, and respond.

Enjoy The Opportunities

One thing that worries people a lot about dating is the fear of rejection, both ways. They worry about finding someone really attractive, only for them to be turned down. They also worry about having to let someone else down, telling them that there will be no second date.
You cannot change how other people will respond, but you can change your response. See dating as an opportunity to meet new people and understand from the off that most dates will lead nowhere. If you just choose to enjoy the moment, getting to know someone new and doing something different no matter what the outcome, then you will be able to see the whole thing as an opportunity and an adventure.

dating later

Reinvent Yourself

If you are feeling low, and your confidence is not high, then use this time in your life to do something about it. Lose that weight, take up that hobby, change that job. What you fear people will not like about you is, in reality, what you do not like about yourself. Think about what you really want from life and how you might change it. It might turn out that wanting a relationship was just a crutch for something else in your life and once you realized you really want to be a ski instructor in Irkutsk, you are happy on your own.

Be Picky

Lastly, do not be afraid to say no, and to reach for the top. If you are taking dating seriously then this might be the person you will spend the rest of your life with. Therefore you have to get what you want. Do not settle just because you do not want to hurt someone’s feelings, and do not settle just because you think you cannot do any better. You can.
But do go to every date with open eyes. You might find that the person you really want, deep down, is sitting across the table form you right now.

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