Sexual health problems can ruin a lot of relationships in life. Whilst you can cure a few of them, others are incurable, meaning you will be a transmitter of them for the rest of your life. Obviously, you can still have sex without passing them on, but you have to rely on a condom not splitting to make sure you don’t pass on your diseases to other people.Whilst there’s always a risk of getting something from someone, it is much lower when you take proper precautions.

see the doctor

see the doctor

So, What Now?

STD’s happen, unfortunately. The problem is that society stigmatizes them, meaning that when you tell a date you have an STD, they are likely to just leave without giving you a chance.If you have caught a sexually transmitted disease, make sure that you go straight to the Doctor, with as much information as possible. If you have any symptoms that you can’t trace to a normal illness, you’ve probably go an STD. Some STD’s are curable if you treat them correctly and quickly.

For the love of god, do not be sexually active until your Doctor has given the all clear. It’s a hell of a thing to know you have a disease and knowingly pass it on.


The best thing to do, is not to get an STD in the first place. ALWAYS practice safe sex with someone until you know for sure that they are clean and have medically tested results to show it. Get yourself tested regularly, even if you don’t think that -you- have one. Condoms are always necessary. Who cares if it feels a little bit better without one. Condoms should be a prerequisite to having sex. If you don’t have any, order a pizza and watch Law and Order.

Getting Tested

Getting tested is usually free, easy and relatively painless. There’s seriously no reason why you shouldn’t go to the Doctor as soon as you suspect you might have something. Doctors will have seen this hundreds of times before and there’s no use being shy or pretending that you don’t have an STD.

Most common STD’s can be treated with a short course of oral antibiotics, which isn’t exactly a painful treatment process. Don’t drink on these tablets, because this will stop them from working, leaving your STD untreated. Finish the entire dosage too. If you don’t kill the STD 100%, you are risking it growing back, stronger.

You can also get vaccines for many sexually transmitted diseases. Go out and get these vaccines, even if you don’t think that you are going to be sexually active in the near future. They again, should be free and easily applied to you, so that means you can stop getting infected before it even happens. Great!


Even After Vaccines

Whilst you are vaccinated, the chance of catching certain diseases is lower. However, there are some diseases that cannot possibly be treated, vaccinated or fought. These are life threatening disease like HIV and you still need to be super careful. It’s a surefire way to get yourself killed or at least lose decades of your life expectancy. In addition to this, people knowing that you have HIV will avoid you, because people are scared of catching it.

oral antibiotics cure

Dating With STD’s

Whilst there are ways you can still date when you have STD’s, you’ll have a difficult time of it because of people’s preconceptions. Make sure that you tell everyone you are going to touch, because it is their choice whether to take the risk. Abstain from sex until you are marked clear, but if you must, have sex, wear a damn condom. Make sure your partner gets tested and goes to the doctor after. In fact, go with them, so they can’t blow it off.

Until you are clean, your life will become a lot more difficult on the dating side. Put your efforts to one side for a while and keep your pants on. Most sexually transmitted disease medicine courses are short and you won’t need to risk it all for one night of pleasure.

Respect Your Date

Don’t throw away the start of a great relationship by having sex with someone when you have an STD. Especially, if you haven’t told them you have one.

If the relationship is going to be good, you are going to be able to tell them you are being treated and you are going to wait until after the treatment is finished to make sure you don’t transmit anything to them. Even if you think it’ll repel them, they have a right to know and choose what to do. Please be careful and don’t spread STD’s.