Forget Valentine’s Day, Halloween is the best night of the year for dating. It is a night that, instead of being about romantic tension, is all about fun. Done right, a Halloween date can be a brilliant time, no matter whether you have just started seeing somebody, or whether you have been married for five years.The trick with a Halloween date is to go with the flow. Soak up the atmosphere and have as much fun with the night as you can. You might be a bit too old to go out trick or treating, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot have fun, and it doesn’t mean that you should leave all the fun to the kids. Here are my five favorite ideas for a really great Halloween date…

halloween date 1

Scary Movie

This is easily one of my favorites because it gives you everything you need for a date with almost no hassle. Decide which film you are going to watch in advance, and make sure you get the popcorn, pizza and beers in. Lock the doors so the monsters do not get in and then turn out the lights. Settle in, cuddle up, and get ready for the frights.This is a great thing to do if you have just started dating. It means that you have to cuddle up with each other, and that you get to have fun. The more intimate nature of the sofa and living room is a far better place to watch a movie than at the theater. The guy can play the strong man and shield the girl from all the horridness on screen, whereas the girl has every reason to get up close and personal with the guy from minute one. Especially when the door knocks in the middle of the scariest part.My only suggestion is to not pick a really gory film. You want to be scared, not repulsed. So little gore, and no torture porn.

halloween date 2

Pumpkin Carving

This is great fun no matter what you age and a great thing to do if you have been seeing each other for a while and want something silly to do in the evening. You need to get a pumpkin early though because they sell out really fast. The just head home and get all messy together as you pull all the innards out and get cutting.Another idea is to get two pumpkins and turn it into a competition. Winner gets what they want from the loser…

Haunted House

Another great one if you need an excuse to get close to each other. Plenty of fairs set up haunted houses, forests, or rides during this time of year, and going along to one together will make sure that you are arm in arm, or hand in hand for the entire time. The frisson of the close contact will not leave once you have escaped, and you stay together throughout the evening, not wanting to leave each other.

halloween date 3

Corn Maze

A little bit silly, but that is what Halloween is all about. Corn mazes can be found all over the country and you can spend all evening running around them getting lost together. It is so easy to find a small, secluded corner together to make out (nothing more!) that it should definitely be something you do on a Halloween at some point. You can also scare each other and ramp up the tension I a corn maze, pretending to get lost and then jumping out. Fun all around.

Dressing Up

This one is more for the adults. Dressing up is synonymous with Halloween now, so you can see it as a reason to ask your partner what their role playing fantasy is. And you do not have to keep it monster-themed, unless that is what you are into. Maybe your partner wants to play doctors and nurses, or cops and robbers. Perhaps they just want to see you in a kinky maids outfit, or as a firefighter. Whatever your particular want is, you can easily find an excuse to ask for it at Halloween, and it is about the only time of the year when you can legitimately go into a costume store and get this stuff without people giving you funny looks.

You can use any of these as date ideas for Halloween. Because the night is so much fun, and organized around mischief, it should be seen as a night where you can let your hair down and get up to anything you want. Whether that is something as tame as cuddling up with a new beau, or something as risqué as donning the stockings and suspenders for the naughty schoolgirl look, you can always have fun on Halloween.