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Best dating advice from women

When women give dating advice to men in Auckland, NZ, it’s time for men to shut their traps and listen. Since the minds of women are so inherently complicated, sometimes, it takes the words of a contributing woman to really illuminate the attributes of the fairer sex’s mind. Fundamental women dating advice usually consists of appealing to the parts of a woman that are different than the parts of men. Typically, the best dating advice from women that I’ve run into has centered around appealing to the woman’s unique personality, and to her intellect. Of course, it’s important to maintain and put out a sense of respect throughout the entire exchange. Once you have that covered, you’re ready to court your woman properly.

Ask her questions

Everyone surely knows this by now, but it bears repeating. If you’re looking to meet up with a person you met through an online dating website, you need to ask her plenty of questions before you’re ready to ask her out. Women love relaying information about themselves to men they’re interested in, and you need to use this information to your advantage.

Listen to her answers

Of course, as important as it is to ask women the right questions, it’s even more important to listen to her answers, and respond accordingly. Anyone can simply use a Google search bar and find a few good questions that men can ask women, but it takes sharpness and intellect to take in the answers to those questions and use those answers to further the conversation. While women certainly enjoy relaying some personal information about themselves, they also want to learn more about you, so you essentially have a red carpet to offer some of your own unique stories and experiences when chatting with her online.

Be yourself

Women are incredibly intuitive, and they know when you’re acting like someone other than yourself. Some people think that, because offline or online dating is such a distant form of communication, they can safely pretend to be someone else when they’re shielded by their computer screens. However, in my experience, the intuitiveness of women is so powerful that they can even sniff out a poser through their text messages. Of course, not all women are so attentive, but you want to play things safe here by simply being yourself through all exchanges, as this will maximize your chance of eventually sealing the deal with her.

… but don’t be a pig

The common trend with women using online hookup platforms is that they tend to be confronted with droves and droves of male users who simply send them naked pictures of themselves, or instantly resort to sexting as a way of making a first impression. These are pigs, make no mistake about it. The sad thing is that their techniques sometimes work when they actually run into a woman who’s looking for the same thing they are. However, the vast majority of women need more than a picture of a man’s junk in order to give them a chance at a date. It’s easy for you not to be a pig when chatting with women online; just be a mature adult, use your language rather than your private part pictures, and be curious about who she is as a human being. If she feels respected and engage, she’s likely to give you a shot at a first date at some point.