Being overweight is a in many ways; there are the health concerns that being overweight increases your chances of getting high blood pressure, heart attack, heartburns and increases chances of cancer among others. From a social point of view, being overweight is conventionally deemed as being less attractive as far as the opposite sex is concerned; it can also lead to poor sense of self-worth.

How to know your calories levels is too high

The obvious sign would be being overweight. You can simply weigh yourself over the period and whenever your weight increases, this should be an indication that your calories levels are getting too high.

You can go to a physician who would measure your Body Mass Index (BMI) and will instruct you on whether you are overweight or not.

What causes calories to build up in the body?

It has been observed that the basic principal behind calories build up in the human body is due to intake of too much food, that the body only requires a fraction of. In simple terms, you take in more than you need.

There are some foods which when eat, even though not excessive but on a consistent basis, will lead to gaining too much calories. These foods are like french-fries, chicken, pork, bacon, ice cream. Basically any type of food that is highly oily and greasy.

When you also overindulge in eating; there are some people who just love to eat, and they would eat even when they are not hungry, or when at the dinner table they only stop eating when the food is depleted from the table not when they fill they are already full.

How to lose calories without going to the gym

Going to the gym, for sure a definite way to lose calories, however it demands a high level of discipline and commitment which some of us cannot have on a consistent basis, which is required for effective loss of calories. So the following are the alternative ways to lose weight without necessarily going to the gym:

Mild form of exercise that will make you lose some calories

Mild form of exercise that will make you lose some calories

On your way to work, if you frequently use the lift or the escalator, use the stairs for a change. And use it frequently; it will be a mild form of exercise that will make you lose some calories.

During your lunch break or any break at your work place, take a 10minutes walk, around the work place, to stretch your legs a bit. This will see you burn some calories instead of proceeding to your workstation immediately after eating.

When you are parking your vehicle in the parking lot, ensure you park in the furthest corner from the point of entry or exit into the parking lot. So that you will have to walk some considerable distance when you walking into and out of the parking.

When you sit down, and want to eat. Ensure that you first take a considerable amount of water before you start eating your food. Water will give your stomach a sense of being full, thus you will only need to eat a fraction of your meal before you feel already full. This will check on excessive eating which leads to excessive calories build up in the body.

If and when you use the public transport system, like a bus or subway, ensure that you highlight some considerably long distance from your point of destination. This will now necessitate you walking on foot over a several hundreds of meters preferably between 100 to 300 meters. If you do this consistently, you will slowly but surely be exercising your body and thus losing calories.

Leading to storing the excessive calories

Leading to storing the excessive calories

The basic idea behind losing calories is to take in as much food as your body requires. Most people take in sufficient amount of food usually, but the problem arises that our modern life style of private cars, lifts, elevators, food delivery denies our body the natural chance to use most of the food we take. Leading to storing the excessive calories as body fat thus weight gain.