There are a lot of fun kinks out there. Some sound better in your head than they actually do in practice, and that can be due to several different factors. There might be simple anatomy things that just don’t work out as you planned, or there might be actual impossibilities. There might also be pain issues that you didn’t take the time to think of, or physical issues that just don’t work out. Whatever the case, when you’re on booty call sites for Canadians (You can find a good selection here), it’s good to realize that some of the kink ideas that are thrown around just aren’t going to work. That’s fine, so keep an open mind, and modify your fantasies as needed in order to get the best out of them during your one-night stands.

For a Lack of a Better Word: Titty Banging

big breasts

Big breasts are a must for this kink

The visual is all over porn, and for good reason: it looks good to see a guy’s penis between a woman’s breasts. Unfortunately, the looks of it and the sound of it are actually a lot better than the practice. It’s not exactly the easiest of things to pull off for the guy or the girl, and that’s just something you’re going to have to accept. The fact of the matter is that boobs generally don’t work that way, and on top of that, you’ve got to be with a girl with some fairly large breasts in order to make it all work out. She has to have big breasts that she can actually push up and around your penis, and you’ve got to have the stamina to kneel over her and actually move yourself. It doesn’t always produce the desired effect, either. A lot of people might enjoy the aesthetic of this, but unless you’ve got a lot of lube to add to the equation, it’s just not really going to work out to the desired effect that you want. It’s going to be weird, messy, and your girl isn’t going to be digging the lube-over-the-boobs thing. It’s also a common thing in porn to have girls give oral sex to you while you’re doing her boobs. It doesn’t really work like that, surprise! There’s a lot of neck craning that has to happen on her end, and while you might see this kind of thing over booty call sites for Canadians, but in general, it’s just not the kind of thing that actually works in practice.

Size Kink and Its Issues

choose wisely

Choose wisely – do not get carried away

There’s an undeniable aesthetic involving size kink as well, but the fact of the matter is–there are a lot of issues involving it that people just don’t realize. Many people aren’t capable of dealing with the size of the dildos that you see in porn movies. In fact, most people aren’t, so don’t go around bringing a goliath-size dildo to every hookup after you’ve been browsing booty call sites for Canadians all day. These kinds of things take a lot of preparation, and a lot of experience. If you’re really into size kink, there is a lot of prep involved–namely the amount of lube and stretching required to actually make it even begin to work. Many women and men simply can’t handle the large dildos at first, and that’s why you should start small and work your way up. There should also definitely be a safe word in place, which can be used if they feel overwhelmed at any point, and believe us; we’ve seen that happen more often than not. Right along the same lines as size kink is fisting. Many people enjoy the aesthetic of this as well, and might have fantasies regarding it. Fisting, however, requires a great deal of preparation and experience, and shouldn’t be attempted by someone just wanting to do it on the fly. Take the time to research this sort of thing, and you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience that doesn’t end up with either of you in the emergency room. It’s just not a good idea in general to try out things without really thinking them through…especially with hardcore kinks that just don’t work all that easily in practice.

Food Play in General

food play

Food play is hot but you need to do some research first

It sounds like so much fun. Licking food off of someone and watching them squirm underneath your tongue–yeah, what a great idea! The problem is that it really is actually messy, and licking in general just isn’t a huge turn-on for people. Okay, maybe nibble it? Still doesn’t really work and throwing around the idea of food play to ladies in Halifax isn’t really going to make them come screaming to your bedroom because they’ve been there, tried it, and didn’t really care. The other, main problem with food play is that food really doesn’t belong anywhere near genitalia. It can cause some serious infections for the ladies, and honestly, most guys don’t want whipped cream on their junk. It isn’t a good idea to have this sort of thing near genitalia because of all the issues it can cause, and if you want to put it in her after you’ve had sugary things all over your penis…just don’t. Anything with edible body paints can also be a little sketchy, but in all honesty, that’s a much better way to incorporate ‘food play’ in the bedroom. It’s usually a lot safer around different body parts, and at least you’re drawing on them, not just spraying whipped cream everywhere. Keep that kind of thing in mind and you’re going to have a much easier experience in the bedroom that doesn’t lead to some nasty infections that keep persisting for months.

The Art of Swallowing


She might or might not like it – ask her first

A lot of guys are insistent on women swallowing their fizz. It’s all over porn movies, and it’s sort of a thing as far as most guys are concerned. The fact of the matter is that you should never expect a woman in Halifax or anywhere to automatically swallow for you. If she’s giving you oral sex during a hookup, it needs to be given with a condom in the first place for the safety of both of you. With that in mind, her swallowing isn’t really going to be a thing anyway, so you shouldn’t expect it to be.This also goes for coming on her face. It’s seriously a porno thing, and most women in hookups aren’t going to enjoy it unless they expressly say as much. Keep that in mind and you’re not going to end up with a lot of angry girls walking out in the middle of your one-night stand. There are so many other kinks out there that are just a really, really bad idea. In general, though, you’ll be able to weed them out as time goes on, and realize which ones are much better left to fantasy rather than practiced in reality. There are a lot of easier options to try and get around with in the kinky world, too, so just try those out instead, and you’ll end up having sex that’s safer, and honestly, one heck of a lot more fun. Good luck, and have fun on your kinky hookup adventures in the future.